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All of our upcoming work flows through the following five stages: Backlog Analysis Planned Work In Progress Released.

Work in progress

The following features are in progress, and will be released soon..

User self-service (October 2019)

We're extending the administration screens to allow team administrators to manage customers on behalf of their account. This will support disabling users who authenticate via SSO (e.g. via GitHub, Google etc.) or platform managed users.

Viewing interaction level verification results (September 2019)

Currently, when a provider verification result is published, the result is displayed in a manner that shows whether it passed or failed. Some of the Pact frameworks can also send more detail information about a failure. It would be useful to be able to easily view this.

Planned work

Work will start on the following features soon.

  • Expanded support for API token management
  • Support for provider driven contract testing
  • Using Swagger


The following features are being analysed to work out the best way to implement them.

  • Support for other forms of contracts (Open API specification/Swagger, Spring Cloud Contracts)


The following features have been released:

  • Authentication using Github (April 2019)
  • Authentication using API tokens (April 2019)
  • New user interface (April 2019)
  • Webhook management and testing UI (July 2019)
  • Webhook secrets management for passwords and API tokens (August 2019)
  • Federated authentication via SAML (September 2019)
  • Authentication using Google (September 2019)